Eat, sleep, dance!

24 Jan 2011


If you watch SYTYCD, you’ll instantly recognize this song.

Play count: 60

2 Oct 2010



Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes

Alors on danse …

(Stromae — Alors on danse)

There are days that wear me down. Days when I feel like my life is one big mess where I can‘t get out anymore. My problems don‘t let me have one quite moment, they‘re everywhere, and I‘m drowning in them.

There are days when I don‘t even want to talk to my best friend. Days when everybody makes me angry. Days when I ask myself: why I am going through all this?

Everybody has such days, right?

The only thing I accept on such days is music. Music and my own body, moving to it. The feeling  you get when you‘re losing yourself in the rhythm, when you‘re falling in pieces and patch yourself up again, creating a new person that only lives for the moment, that has no worries and no problems, not even a life. That only has a melody.

Of course, reality comes back as soon as the last note of the song falls silent. However, the feeling remains — the feeling that nothing‘s really important as long as you‘ve got the music that stays with you, no matter what happens.